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Supreme Court hearing on The Kerala Story today, the public is waiting to see

ByJosh Taylor

May 16, 2023

There has been a lot of controversy on The Kerala Story from the beginning, and the controversy has been increasing continuously. However, till now, many states have been made tax-free, and many states have also been banned, although now this matter has reached the Supreme Court. It has arrived, and now the Supreme Court will take a decision on whether this film has to be run smoothly inside India or not, whether the hearing is to be held in the Supreme Court today or not; people say that this film is correct and people like it While also liking to see, most of the people are telling more wrong and the government which is there has said that precisely this has happened inside Kerala. The government is entirely in its support.

As far as we talk about it, it was released in the past, controversies were going on inside it even before its release, and it is believed that the story of 4 girls has been shown in this film, which the ISIS organization later arrested. They are trapped in a trap, taken to Pakistan, and raped there, and then, those girls are killed there by raping them. This song is shown in this movie, but people say the or people of Islam religion say that there is nothing like this and it is wrong. No girls were taken from Kerala and groomed or raped by the ISIS organization in Pakistan.

The High Court of Kerala had approved.

On the other hand, if we do after the Kerala High Court had approved this film there, and I had said that actual events and wrong things that inspired it had not been shown in it in any way, people would have protested against it. Do not do this, and this film can be played inside cinema houses, after which this film was played in theaters of Kerala, and there this film also created a perfect atmosphere and a lot of collections to be done from there only. It is released in many states of the country, and there it is continuously engaged inside the theater, but on this, the controversies are increasing one after the other.

Adah Sharma, who is playing the lead role in the film, had said that actual events inspired this film, and when she got to see the script, only then she agreed to do this film, and the same movie is about this film. I was very excited, although three more actresses are working with her in this film. First, she has Adah Sharma in the lead role, and she said she got a chance to do this film after a long time; I felt that Now I could act in a movie in Bollywood.

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