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Swiggy sells 12 million biryanis

ByJosh Taylor

May 30, 2023

Swiggy has officially reported that the entire season of the Indian Premier League has been very profitable for the company as it has successfully sold around 200 biryani per minute. The total number of biryani that has been sold over the platform has crossed 12 million in just a span of a month during the entire season of IPL. This has been the most successful season of IPL that the food delivery platform has experienced over the period of time. It is important to understand that swiggy had opted for a very great marketing campaign during the entire season of the Indian Premier League in order to motivate the cricket lovers to enjoy the favourite food items while they watch cricket at discounted prices. Not only this but also it has been for the first time that Biryani has become the most ordered food at the platform. It was only in 2020 that the IPL season was responsible for bringing an increase of 30% in the total number of orders placed at swiggy. That is why in order to capture these opportunities Swiggy developed different Strategies and introduced a new range of restaurants in order to cater the demand of the travellers.

The number of orders has been even more than what Swiggy receives during the new years eve. According to the sources during the 31st December and first January swiggy usually receives an order of 2.5 lakh Pizzas and 3.5 lakh biryani. The increase in the number of orders could also be attributed to the availability of different cuisines on swiggy and the facility to order the specialities of one place to another. It is important to note that the most important item that was ordered many times was the Hyderabadi biryani. It is now possible to order the best dishes from the renowned cafes and restaurants on just a click. After the detailed introduction and analysis of the entire situation it has been for the seventh consecutive time that Biryani has become the most ordered dish on swiggy because 2.2 orders are placed every second on swiggy ordering a biryani. Swiggy has offered multiple discounts and this has helped the people to get the best biryani at a very low price. It has been one of the most successful IPL seasons for swiggy which contributed to its increasing sales.

It is important to understand that the marketing team has played a very important role behind this achievement. Multiple advertisements had featured on social media platforms in order to encourage the people to order their favourite food from swiggy by watching the cricket match. Most people prefer to order food in the form of meals so that they can get a lot of items to eat. All of this helps to introduce better changes in the lifestyle of the people and also bring a better ability to manage all of the things properly.

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