• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Taiwan replied to China in the same way

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 12, 2023

There has been a continuous movement between Taiwan and China, and China is constantly seen attacking Taiwan somehow. It is visible, and the way Taiwan is continually being threatened there, Taiwan is very much afraid of this. Taiwan cannot tolerate China’s invasion of its country in any way. Still, attacks were also seen many times because there is a lot of sea area between the two countries, and the big ships that are constantly here are also seen coming and going.

On Sunday, when ten aircraft entered Taiwan from the Chinese side, Taiwan was already alerted about how the Chinese aircraft had entered; only then did the Taiwanese plane take their flight and how they flew. From then, they faced the Chinese craft; after a while, the Chinese aircraft started returning to their country. Taiwan has also said that it will not allow China to dominate its country in any way and it will not let China dominate. He will never allow us to enter our country; if he kneels in front of China, then it will be a significant disease for him, so he is ready to answer Sachin, and he never wants to make any agreement with China. If China has to live correctly, it should stay away from its country. Otherwise, Taiwan is always ready to fight against it.

Taiwan is essential for America, due to which China is continuously attacking.

Taiwan is essential for America because production houses inside Taiwan mostly make all the aircraft connectors. After all, the way production is done here is the highest; therefore, America gets it here at cheaper rates. It becomes available, and due to this, China is continuously attacking Taiwan because it cannot directly attack America. If it constantly occupies Taiwan, it will become more difficult for America to get the semiconductor. If they get semiconductors, they will also get them at a heavy price, though now, 85% of semiconductors are made in Taiwan.

America never wanted Taiwan to be occupied by China, so it was always ready to help Taiwan. China also wanted to do good to the 1st position; America came in front of it and was in front of America. Be prepared for the war that is busy with it, but so far, no such effort has been made either from the US or from the Taiwan side, but the aim of supporting China is to take over Taiwan.

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