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Tech companies rescind employment offers after failure to onboard

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 1, 2022

While Wipro said it will honor offers made to deserving candidates, Infosys and Tech Mahindra did not respond to queries Top IT giants Infosys, Wipro, and Tech Mahindra reportedly extended employment offers to several individuals, but they then withdrew those offers after prolonging the on boarding process for months. Students assert that they have not received any explanation of the reasons for rejection either.
Six months after obtaining the offer, Bhopal engineering graduate Pavitra* received a rejection letter from Infosys on September 28. “We’ve determined that you don’t fulfill our academic qualifying requirements. Therefore, your offer is invalid, as stated in the email that was provided to her and examined by Business line. However, Pavitra asserts that she has met all of the stated requirements—60% marks in grades 10, 12, and college coursework. My grades really above the minimum standard Despite all of this, I still got a rejection letter,” the woman claims.
Similar to this, four months after accepting a job offer, Wipro sent Bhavna*, a computer science graduate from Vijaynagar, a rejection letter. Business line read the email, which states: “We cannot move further with your application since you have not complied with Wipro’s evaluation requirements.”

“Despite meeting all grade requirements and presenting all required paperwork, I was refused. She bemoans the fact that the corporation has not clarified its reasons for rejection.
On September 22, Vivek*, who had previously received an offer from Tech Mahindra, received a rejection letter. He was turned down because he failed a certification exam. “As a requirement for entering the firm, 12 courses had to be completed. I was denied despite finishing them and receiving certification, claims Vivek, who also notes that the rejection letter came after he took a test that the firm claimed was intended to gauge pupils’ talents and compatibility before deciding which domain to give them.
Business line also talked to a number of other applicants for the aforementioned firms who were having same problems.

“Wipro can certify that it will honor all offer letters that have been given to suitable individuals, in a phased way,” the company stated in a statement. However, at the time of writing, business line had not received a response from Infosys or Tech Mahindra.
Business line has previously claimed that the on boarding process for new hires had been delayed by 3–4 months by IT firms. Many students have posted their complaints on LinkedIn. IT companies’ operating margins and transaction closings have been declining recently. Wage increases and supply-side pressure are putting pressure on profits. Recently, worries have also been raised regarding a potential slowdown in the West having an impact on the momentum of revenue growth and transaction closures.

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