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The Calm Down singer danced with Kapil Sharma in The Kapil Sharma Show

ByJosh Taylor

May 19, 2023

At present, if we talk about the world’s most famous comedy show, the name The Kapil Sharma Show comes at the top because Kapil Sharma is constantly seen making people laugh. The way Kapil Sharma has worked in comedy in the last ten years is amazing, and he has consistently garnered a lot of praise because he has been very conscious about his work. When he started comedy initially, he had to face many problems then. Still, when Kapil Sharma went ahead, he got good opportunities continuously, and he took advantage of the opportunity. He used to come well, so he continued to be successful.

Kapil Sharma hosts it inside The Kapil Sharma Show, continuously calling new celebrity stars every day. Also, we interact with him in the show, interview him and ask him about his life. On this show, he often invites foreign people who are in the world of entertainment or the world of Bollywood or any other world, and he is continuously seen calling very big stars there. He has also been seen continuously increasing the TRP of his show.

Calm Down singer Rema reached Kapil Sharma’s show.

Meanwhile, during this week, the Calm Down singer reached The Kapil Sharma Show, and when he reached there, there was a lot of noise because he reached here for the first time after the hit of this song, and Kapil Sharma praised him very much. Well received, and after welcoming him inside the country, he called him inside his show. He looked very happy about this and said that he is very happy with the love given by India, and if the people of India continue to give him such love, then he will continue to sing good songs for India or the world. I will continue to take them out to entertain everyone.

When Calm Down singer Kapil Sharma reached the show, Kapil Sharma was seen dancing with him to this song, and he danced to this song for a long time, although later people said that Kapil Sharma was very good while dancing to this song. Everyone praised Kapil Sharma very much. Even before this, Kapil Sharma was seen dancing with the singer on his arrival, but this time he danced in a different style, and he is getting a lot of praise from the entire Bollywood world. Kapil Sharma greeted the Calm Down singer very much and said he was very welcome on reaching India.

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