• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

The government of Pakistan banned Imran Khan

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 9, 2023

For the past several months, many cases have continuously come up against Imran Khan; the government police army is against him for the corruption he had done with the people of Pakistan, and when the orders of the Supreme Court started coming in his favour. So he was pleased that now the Supreme Court would save him ultimately, but the Army was not in any mood to keep him, he was arrested many times continuously, but the Supreme Court released him again and again; it is also told That he had excellent information inside the Supreme Court and because of that information he gets acquitted again and again, but the way the Army took the decision to put him in jail completely, and in the course of that I took a lot of questions. They collected evidence against him and presented it continuously inside the Supreme Court, after which even the Supreme Court could not save him.

Even after repeatedly telling the Supreme Court, Imran Khan said he was completely innocent and a conspiracy was being hatched against him. Still, when the proper evidence was found against him in the Supreme Court, he could not stop himself. The Army Said to them that they were promoting corruption inside Pakistan. If such leaders are inside any country, then that country will never be able to develop, and this is the condition of Pakistan, which is the main responsible for this. It is also being told to Imran Khan because Imran Khan while being the Prime Minister of Pakistan for three years, ate a lot of money from the people of Pakistan; the way the money that was to be invested in the development of Pakistan he completely diverted it. This is the condition of Pakistan today only after eating.

A big talk was also said about contesting the election of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan can’t contest any election for the next five years. The Supreme Court of Pakistan says the whole thing said that the coming five years would be tough for Imran Khan because He can neither participate in any election nor can he participate in any election during the campaign, and he feels that now his party is also ending ultimately, whatever happens inside his party, he It is not visible that which is absolutely in his favour and his side has always been seen very weak, such a thing is not coming in his favour, nor is his party ready to give any news even to Pakistan. When Imran Khan was arrested, no one came to his side.

Imran Khan has repeatedly been seen saying that he is innocent and that Pakistan’s Army has hatched a massive conspiracy against him, he has not committed any corruption, and if he has done so, he will have to face the punishment. Although the Supreme Court of Pakistan sentenced him to 3 years ago and now he has been ultimately sent to jail, till now he has been seen telling himself innocent by his words, and he has The one who didn’t take you on himself said that he never thought wrong about the people of Pakistan, he always felt for the development of Pakistan.

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