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The temple of Jagannath Maharaj will be built in London; the first phase will be completed after one year.

ByJosh Taylor

Apr 26, 2023

Recently, the biggest news coming from the world is that the temple of Jagannath Puri is going to be built in London, the capital of Britain, and as far as we talk about temples, there is a lot of dominance of temples in India, and India is such a country. One who believes a lot in temples, but right now, this is the biggest news for the world. The temple of Jagannath Puri will be built in the UK’s capital London. In this temple, a businessman of Indian origin from Odisha has donated Rs 255 crores.

The builders of the temple say that its first phase will be completed before the completion of 2024; that is, its work has started, and by the end of 2024, the first phase of its work will be finished, and it will be good for us and the whole world. It is a vast thing that giving 255 crore rupees in the form of donations to foreign countries is a big thing. Have the ability to do this and be given the same Indian-origin businessman in London who has given Rs 255 crores.

The enormous contribution of 255 crores resolved on Akshaya Tritiya

He had already planned this donation, and it is a big thing that getting the temple constructed in another country is a matter of great pride for us and our country. He took this decision on Akshaya Tritiya itself. On Akshaya Tritiya, he had said that I take a pledge that my donation will be essential in the temple to be built in London, and for this, he worked very hard. He has been given respectable awards, and it is very important for all of us that an Indian-origin businessman has been awarded in London as an essential servant.

The temple of Jagannath Maharaj is significant for the people of Buddhism and Jainism. The people of Jainism and Buddhism believe in Jagannath Maharaj a lot and have faith in him, so considering them all, this temple was built. This temple will be built in Britain, and it will be huge. It will become very attractive, so it is also perfect for Britain that the temple of Jagannath Maharaj will be built in Britain, leaving a reputation for the whole world. It is good that this kind of contribution and such a big contribution of an Indian-origin businessman will always remain in the discussion.

Attracted by this, many business people will think of cooperating, and this temple will become much more prominent. Recently, the project of this temple has been very long and wide, but efforts are being made to make it more and more when it comes from Patnaik. When asked why he gave such significant cooperation, he said that Jagannath Maharaj is famous worldwide for his most important deity, and he wants to maintain this fame, which is why he thought he should spend a lot of time in this temple. It will make a significant contribution, and this temple will continue to be discussed, and the supremacy of Jagannath Maharaj will remain in Britain as well.

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