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Tory Lanez, a rapper, was convicted guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 24, 2022

Tory Lanez was found guilty of three crimes in the 2020 shooting of hip-hop singer Megan Thee Stallion on Friday. On Friday, a Los Angeles jury convicted rapper Tory Lanez guilty of three crimes in the 2020 shooting of hip-hop singer Megan Thee Stallion. Following the incident, the hip-hop diva was wounded with gunshot pieces in her foot. Tory faces a jail term of more than 20 years and deportation to Canada.
The panel of seven women and five men began deliberations on Thursday and reached a decision the next day. Tory, whose actual name is Daystar Peterson, was convicted of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, carrying a loaded, unlicensed handgun in a vehicle, and grossly negligent discharge of a firearm.
Megan, actual name Megan Pete, said in the trial that Tory shot her in the foot during an altercation in an SUV as they were travelling in the Hollywood Hills in July 2020. He apparently became enraged after Megan supposedly disparaged his musical skills.
He had yelled for her to dance as she ran away from the scene. Following the event, Megan underwent surgery to remove the implanted gunshot pieces from her feet.
Following the announcement of the conviction, Megan’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, remarked that “the jury got it right” and that he was “grateful there is justice for Meg.” Meanwhile, Tory’s lawyer, George Mgdesyan, expressed disbelief at the judgement. “There was insufficient evidence to convict Mr. Peterson,” he said in a statement. This case, we feel, was not established beyond a reasonable doubt. We will investigate all alternatives, including an appeal.”
After the trial, District Attorney George Gascón thanked Megan for coming out and testifying. “Despite frequent and brutal attacks that you did not deserve, you shown amazing bravery and vulnerability in your evidence,” he said.
You were subjected to unwarranted and nasty examination that no woman should ever be subjected to.”
The criminal trial, which lasted eight days, was attended by Megan and Tory followers both outside and inside the courthouse. Tory, a Canadian singer-rapper, began releasing mixtapes in 2009. His most recent two albums have been in the top ten on Billboard. Meanwhile, Megan, a 27-year-old hip-hop singer, has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts with the songs Savage with Beyoncé and WAP with Cardi B. In 2021, she received a Grammy for best new artist.

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