• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Tough times for kejriwal predicted

ByJosh Taylor

Jul 15, 2023

The opposition parties in the national capital have taken a told against the Chief Minister Kejriwal for not managing the situation of Delhi in a better way because the level of water of Yamuna river has been increasing over the period of time and it has been able to produce a huge amount of damage that has not only impacted the livelihood of the people but as also been a major set back to the economy of the country as a whole and it has to be collected as. It is important to understand that the leaders of the opposition party want to know the exact recent events due to which all of this is happening and they basically want to understand the way in which things will become better in the times to come. The Delhi chief minister in a recent interview has basically been the position to give the detail of all the measures that have been taken by him for the safety of the people in Delhi but due to the Unstoppable rains it is becoming difficult for these measures to show some affect in the long run.

It is important to not that people try to evaluate to situation to a great extend and it is only because the fall of these features that something has to be done about it as soon as possible before this too late because all of these features have got its own motivation over the period of time and this is something which has to be taken note of as soon as possible because it is only with the help of proper actions of the government that people can actually get the release they want. Though authority of already given the permission to be draw the water from the nearby dams so that the water level in the Yamuna river can be brought down so that the water collected in the internal part of the city also reduces and the people are able to transport on the road once again because you do the bottle locking the traffic has increased to work extent and it has been the position to make the life much miserable.

The operation leaders have also said that the Chief Minister of Delhi has been using the funds which are not meant for disaster management and this is nothing but a major went Flag for the government to take note of because if these practices continue then it will become difficult to develop the national capital because be amount of allocated funds has already decreased over the period of time because the government has not been in the position to deposit the report of all the funds it has utilised.

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