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Udit Raj declares, “I have a right,” despite regretting his comments on Droupadi Murmu.

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 7, 2022

In response to criticism, Udit Raj stated he regretted calling President Droupadi Murmu chamchagiri, but Dr. Ambedkar feared that someone who was deaf and stupid would speak for the SC/ST community.

Udit Raj, a leader in the Congress, expressed contrition for his sycophancy comments against President Droupadi Murmu, but he said that he would keep raising concerns and that the President should consider his words before making them. There is a deeper significance to the expression namak khana. I used the wrong word, I’m sorry. Sorry about that. I’ll keep posing inquiries. I have no desire for postings. I am an advocate for the SC/ST, hence it pains me to watch those who are supposed to be on their behalf do nothing. On Thursday night, Udit Raj sent a tweet.

The National Commission for Women issued a warning to the Congress leader for his disparaging remarks against the President. Udit Raj made it clear that his remarks were personal and intended for a tribal leader rather than the President of India.

He said that as an SC/ST representative, he is the only one qualified to make such remarks. The identical query would have been offensive to her position if it had been made by Dubey, Tiwari, Agarwal, or Goel. But I have a right to ask Adivasi and Dalir questions. These folks will represent us and then continue to be silent and deaf. But the main thing is that the BJP Treated me with respect.

In response to Udit Raj’s remark and the usage of the words deaf and stupid in his clarifying remarks, the BJP surrounded the Congress.

With the support of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Udit Raj no longer feels the need to retract his Chamcha comment about President Draupadi Murmu Ji and instead refers to him as stupid and deaf. He has already referred to Kovind as being deaf and dumb! Congress: Will you fire him? Shehzad Poonawalla, a BJP spokesman, tweeted.

The argument started when Udit Raj denounced President Droupadi Murmu’s statement that 76% of the salt eaten in India is produced in Gujarat. In his most recent tweet, when he expressed sorry for his remarks, he clarified that the phrase namak khana has a deeper meaning.

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