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Understanding the Risks of Hair Straightening and Uterine Cancer

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 22, 2022


● Chemicals used in hair straightening may raise the risk of uterine cancer.
● When compared to people who don’t use hair straightening products, risk was quadrupled for frequent users.

National Institutes of Health
The effects of many of the chemical components used in the creation of hair products on the body are still being studied.

According to a report in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Trusted Source, some chemicals contained in hair straightening products may raise the risk of uterine cancer.

33,497 US women between the ages of 35 and 74 were the subject of the 11-year data analysis. As part of the continuing “Sister StudyTrusted Source” project coordinated by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, information was gathered (NIEHS).

Why it’s vital to straighten your hairs

In-depth analysis of the two-fold risk increase revealed that 60% of study participants with uterine cancer who identified as Black did so on their own accord.

They proposed that this might be because this group uses more of the product.

According to White, who spoke with Healthline, “Black women are far more likely to report taking these items, thus the exposure burden is more pronounced for them.”

So how does the intensity of use matter?

According to Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor, a medical toxicologist and medical director at the National Capital Poison Center, substances that enter our bodies through the skin “do not stay in our bodies permanently.”

According to one report, “persons who are exposed to chemicals on a regular basis nonetheless metabolise and eliminate toxins from their systems.” Chemicals that enter the human body are typically metabolised and excreted through the kidneys or faeces.

According to her, using chemicals frequently could lead to a greater buildup of the substances in the body between exposures, which could have adverse effects on one’s health.

A chemical’s effects on the body
The researchers were unable to identify specific chemical compounds since they did not examine certain hair straightener brands. But they pointed out that a few of these products are:

● Formaldehyde
● Parabens
● Metals
● Phthalates

Causes of uterine cancer risk factors

There are a few more commonly acknowledged uterine cancer risk factors in addition to chemicals.

These, in Madan’s estimation, include:

● Early menstrual cycle onset
● advanced menopause
● ovarian polycystic syndrome (PCOS)

Prognosis and treatments

According to Torrey, uterine cancer treatment options depend on things like:

● Species of tumour
● disease stage
● illness severity
● Patient’s current state of performance

According to Gatcliffe, “the predominant therapeutic technique for uterine cancer includes non fertility-sparing staged hysterectomy.” The uterus, ovaries, and tubes are removed at this time, and the lymph nodes in the immediate area are examined.

The connection between cancers and chemicals in hair products, as well as how they affect different racial groups. But Madan acknowledged that “this is an eye-opener.”

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