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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said: Survival is based on the people. How do people manage water to survive?

ByJosh Taylor

Mar 26, 2023

Antonio Guterres stated that Humanity’s Survival depends on the water; now it’s on people how they manage water and manage to survive. At the end of three days conference on global water resources, Guterres’s statement left an alarming situation. During the conference, the developing countries urgently called for help with better sanitation and water cleaner organisations.
“However, in the closing statements, Guterres said, “ All of mankind’s expectations for the future, in some way, to establishing a new way to reliability and manage natural resources.”
“In global political agenda, water must be the heart of the discussion, ” he said, suggesting a valued and accurate water usage for agriculture and climate change actions.
According to the United Nations water development reports that were issued after the end of the three-day conference, 2 bn people, about 26% of the world’s population, do not have drinking water resources, and almost 3.6 bn people, about 46% of world population facing the lack of sanitation. The report mentioned that at the end of 2030, half of the world would face a serious water crisis.
In the conference, many points were highlighted and discussed to improve the water supplies, but the less specific requirements channelled intention into better daily life for the common people.
However, a senior researcher Lina Taing mentioned, “ We have the amazing , and improved policies, but somewhere these are infeasible”. She stated when we talked about providing people with proper sensation and clean drinking water “ so everyone knows we are not on track,” She also said this is very important for the world to enhance its action.
However, during the conference, water resources in water-stressed countries, especially those in developing nations, told United States conference members about their needs for international aid. Providing the people with water and a sanitation system is also equally important.
“Simultainously fighting a war on two fronts, to deal with the climate and water resources as well, is no mean feat, mainly in a small nation like Kiribati , that has only a few resources at its disposal”, mentioned Tebbuoro Tito. Also, he said that Kiribati does not have enough resources and equipment to help them deal with natural disasters.

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