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US Court agrees to the request of extradition

ByJosh Taylor

May 18, 2023

The court of The United States of America has finally agreed to the request of India in order to extradite the famous Canadian businessman Tahawwur Rana. He belongs to Pakistan and has been seeking refuge in America after the Indian government is hunting for him for his involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. A complaint has also been filed against this businessman in order to provisionally arrest him. The Government of The United States of America has finally considered the Indian request and has approved to extradite this person to India. The court also released a 48 page order in support of the judgement so that the parties could clearly establish the rights. The court has also officially certified to the secretary of state that all the charges against Rana have been proved.

The National Investigation Agency has already proved that he was a terrorist of Lashkar e Taiba. It is looking forward to commence the proceeding with the help of all the diplomatic channels. Rana has been properly scrutinized by the government of The United States of America and it has been satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that he was responsible for the attacks of 2008 in Mumbai. He also supported different types of terrorist organisations and attended the meeting of various terrorists in order to know different methods to spread terrorism in the country. The US government is punishing this Businessman not only for killing many innocent Indians but also 6 American people who were in India at the time of the terror attack. The Mumbai terror attacks were the most inhuman attacks in the history of the world because they extended for more than 60 hours and they were executed at the Most iconic locations of Mumbai.

Rana is punished for not only his involvement in all the acts that resulted in the Death with the intention of causing that but also he is prosecuted for causing the acts about which he had all the possible knowledge that they are imminently dangerous. The countries have signed the extradition treaty in this regard.The judgement given by the court of The United States of America is completely under the jurisdiction of the country and cannot be challenged on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction. The Treaty has been amended from time to time in order to introduce different grounds for encouraging the extradition of criminals from one country to another. All the defences that were pleaded by Rana have been dismissed and the judges have refused to entertain any further please in this regard as the matter has been already discussed at a length.

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