• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Watching children’s mobile for a long time has a lot of effects on their brains.

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 3, 2023

In today’s time, we see that when the child’s parents are troubled more, then their parents, without doing any work, hand over their phone to them from the bus, and they keep looking at the phone continuously so that They remain calm and do not bother the child’s parents in any way. Nowadays, we see that this is happening, which may cause more trouble to the children, but they are not satisfied. And their parents feel that their child is sitting peacefully and his mind will not be affected in any way, but this doesn’t seem right because the mental condition of the children is affected by using the phone for a long time or continuously..

In this way, if the mental condition of children continues to deteriorate, it can pose a lot of danger in their future as well, and it can be hazardous for them when their parents do not care about it at all. Today’s parents should keep in mind that they do not give phones to children, and the way they provide their phones to pacify them affects their virtual situation, and their virtuality also starts getting worse. But if we try to keep them calm, then it will be best. Children should be given phones at the age of at least five years.

During a survey in England, it was found that the reason for the child not speaking for two years is only and only smartphone.

A survey has been done in England, and during the last study, it was found that the children who have the habit of speaking late or the children who talk after 2 or 3 years of birth, the biggest reason for this is the smartphone and use the smartphone continuously. He does not want to make eye contact with anyone, nor does he want to be an interrogator with anyone; it can also be dangerous for him. He does not even listen to things. They are seen doing so that their state of mind starts getting weak, and gradually, those children can also become victims of brainwashing at a young age.

Every parent should remember how their children react, and the world of technology starts for them after five years. A survey in England has said that for up to 5 years, Do not give phones to children so that after five years when their body gradually weakens, they can use the phone little by little. Still, giving phones to children at a young age is hazardous, and children after this Gradually. They start to become irritable, they do not even listen to anyone, and even if they do, they start ignoring them, so they will not be able to go to the family environment.

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