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Why Elon Musk Needs Sriram Krishnan’s Assistance to Run Twitter and Who He Is

ByJosh Taylor

Nov 1, 2022

Elon Musk successfully acquired Twitter, and he has since jumped right into contributing his ideas to the business. Musk fired Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, and a few other people to begin his first few days there. But it appears like Musk would turn to another Indian while one employee of Indian descent is absent from Twitter to resolve the issue.

Funny thing is, he used to work for Twitter. Who is Sriram Krishnan, the man who says he is assisting Elon Musk with Twitter and his intentions to revamp it, and how did he come to an agreement with Musk?
Engineer Sriram is a well-known technologist who has worked with companies including Twitter, Meta, and Microsoft. At the age of 21, he immigrated to the US in 2005, where he began his career in the tech industry.
His previous expertise at Twitter includes, among other things, the development of new user interfaces for the platform, search, and audience expansion. He created mobile ad solutions at Facebook (now Meta), which later grew to become one of the leading networks for display advertising.
However, he began his tech career with Microsoft, where he worked mostly for the Windows Azure group. As part of the a16z firm, he specializes in keeping a watchful eye out for emerging cryptocurrency firms and has recently started investing in early-stage startups. Elon Musk is the ideal candidate, in the opinion of both Sriram and a16z, to have an influence at a firm as significant as Twitter, according to Sriram’s tweet.
Along with his wife, Sriram co-hosts a podcast program called The Goot Time on which he has welcomed notable guests including Elon Musk, Calvin Harris, and Mark Zuckerberg.
In order to rebuild the business and give it a greater opportunity to flourish in the market, Musk is likely to pick Sriram’s brain and benefit from his earlier experience working at Twitter. The biggest challenge for Twitter has been monetizing the service, and it appears like Musk wants to change that with some of his proposals that are already receiving attention on social media.
According to reports, people may have to spend around $20 (around Rs 1,640) to gain Twitter blue tick as a part of the subscription. According to Musk, a user needs pay for the feature in order to receive the verified (blue tick) status on the social media platform.
It would be interesting to observe how Sriram, who is temporarily back at Twitter, conducts himself as he helps Musk make the necessary changes at the helm and advances the platform.

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