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Yash refused to play Ravana.

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 13, 2023

KGF Chapter First and Chapter Second were both massive hits, and they broke many records not only inside Bollywood of India but also inside foreign countries when these films were released; they made many records in their name, and their earnings till now One of the highest-grossing films in the Indian film industry, and he is pleased with the way KGF has consistently found a place among the audience and the way Yash has kept his image right in front of his fans. And he loves his fans very much, and he has constantly praised them for supporting him; his fans have played a significant role in bringing him forward.

Yash is very excited about his films, and now he is very much used to doing Bollywood films, he wants to do many of his movies inside Hollywood, but till now, he has yet to get such kind of films in Bollywood that he wants to do. That’s why he is constantly seen refusing to do films in Bollywood, and he has turned down many films because he wants to do the role that his fans will like, and till now, no one has cried like that. That’s why he constantly does not accept negative roles in Bollywood films, and he is being told that’s why he is refusing, and if he gets positive, he will do it.

Film director Nitesh Tiwari had appealed to Yash to become Ravana.

Film director Nitesh Tiwari is making a film on Ramayana, and for this, he had already signed Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone for Ram and Sita, but now both have refused this film. No one even told me their specific reason. Still, according to the sources, it is believed that now Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will play the roles of Sita and Ram in this film. For this, they have shared the script with them, and the upcoming Diwali will also see the official announcement of this film.

Nitesh Tiwari asked Yash to play the role of Ravana in this film, but he refused, saying that he was not at all right for this film and that he would not play the role of Ravana because he wanted to give the negative role to his fans. They want to see their admin play a good part, and he will play the hero.

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